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B.A.P. Terms & Conditions

Become Another Person (BAP) has no affiliation with any official or legal naming or name change services. To legally claim or use a name, refer to appropriate governing entities, including but not limited to, Department of State (USA) websites or filing offices. ​

To check official availability of specific names, seek similar or alternative resources. BAP assumes no responsibility for legal issues arising from name conflicts, including but not limited to Cease and Desist Orders, legal disputes, and lawsuits regarding use of specific names. ​

By soliciting services from BAP, all parties acknowledge that BAP is not responsible for filing or establishing name selections or name changes in any official, legal, or government recognized manner. Parties soliciting naming services assume full responsibility for use of a name in any and all contexts. ​

All names offered or provided by BAP should be treated as suggestions only. BAP conducts research to determine naming options that are a good fit for prompts provided by clients. This includes overview searches of existing entities, alternative spelling options, and research of domain name availability (if applicable). These research efforts and subsequent suggestions do not represent definitive or exclusive availability for use.  ​

If you would like to use a name from one of the free generators and have it removed from the list, please submit proof of use to Proof of use could be a link to an active social media account with content, a SoundCloud profile with content, website with content, etc. ​ ​

​Please direct all inquiries to: